Report An Issue

Step 1. Determine the Jurisdiction.

Please enter the address or cross streets of the location in question. The location will appear on the map, below. Issues in color-coded areas are outside of the road commission's jurisdiction and should be directed to the corresponding agencies identified below the map. All other issues should be sent to KCRC.

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City of Grand Rapids
Ph: 311
City of Grandville
Ph: 616-531-3030
City of East Grand Rapids
Department of Public Works-Operations Division
Ph: 616-940-4870
City of Rockford
Ph: 616-866-1537
City of Walker
Ph: 616-453-6311
Village of Caledonia
Ph: 616-891-9384
Sand Lake
Ph: 616-636-8854
Village of Kent City
Ph: 616-678-7232
City of Kentwood
Ph: 616-698-9610
City of Cedar Springs
Ph: 616-696-1330
Village of Sparta
Ph: 616-887-8251
City of Wyoming
Department of Public Works
Ph: 616-530-7260
City of Lowell
Ph: 616-897-8457
Village of Casnovia
Ph: 616-675-4780
Michigan Department of Transportation
Highway System: Roads with US, I, M - prefix (ex: US-131, I-96, M-44)
Ph: 616-464-1800

Step 2. Report issue to KCRC.

Please note: Street light issues should be directed to

KCRC investigates each complaint regarding a mailbox damaged during snow removal. If an inspection shows that the mailbox was hit by a plow or other KCRC equipment, KCRC will replace the mailbox. However, if damage was caused by thrown ice or snow coming off of the plow, which is typically the case, mailbox repair is the responsibility of the property owner.

Claims are often made against the Road Commission when damage occurs to a vehicle that is caused by conditions beyond our control. Please be advised that under state law MCLA 691.1403, the Kent County Road Commission cannot be held liable for damages due to a road defect, like a pothole. In order for a claim to be eligible for reimbursement, KCRC must have been aware of the pothole for 30 days without repairing it.

Crews will remove large dead animals, like deer, from KCRC’s right-of-way. We will also remove smaller animals, like raccoons, from the drivable portion of the roadway. Typically, domestic animals will be taken to the Kent County Animal Shelter.

KCRC strives to complete winter operations across over 3,000 miles of road within 36 hours following the end of a snow storm, deploying 97 snowplows to cover 114 snowplow routes. KCRC serves roads with high traffic volumes and speeds first, in the following order: County Primary Roads (ex: Byron Center Ave, West River Drive). Local Paved Roads (ex: Buttrick Avenue, Courtland Drive). County local gravel roads, lake drives, subdivision streets.

Potholes can develop quickly, and those that affect the safety of the road will be repaired as expediently as possible. Crews will patch the pothole with cold or hot-mix asphalt to provide a temporary fix until longer-term road improvements can be made. Please note that weather conditions and traffic volume can affect the condition and longevity of the fix. Potholes typically require re-patching before more long-term fixes can be applied.

KCRC will trim or remove trees that pose a hazard to the motoring public, including those that are dead, dying or diseased. KCRC may issue a permit to a property owner for the removal or trimming of vegetation in Easement and Statutory right-of-way if it is determined to be in the best interest of the road commission and/or a safety-related issue.