Construction & Engineering

KCRC’s Engineering Division is responsible for the planning, preliminary engineering (survey and design) and construction engineering (staking and inspection) of all road and bridge projects on the KCRC system. The Kent County Road Commission recognizes the importance of Complete Streets and Context Sensitive Solutions and works with townships and local municipalities to allow the installation of street lighting, sidewalks, bike paths, non-motorized trails, trees and other street scape amenities, within the public road right-of-way.

The Engineering Division is also responsible for federal contract administration; soil erosion control; right-of-way acquisition; new residential and commercial public street design and construction oversight; bridge inspection and reporting; KCRC stormwater permit compliance and reporting; the issuance and inspection of all permitted activities within the County road right-of-way;  and the layout and update of the official Kent County road map.

KCRC Engineering construction projects generally fall within one of four categories:

New Construction

  • The construction of a new roadway or bridge where nothing of its type currently exists.


  • A major change to an existing roadway or bridge within the same general right-of-way corridor. For instance, reconstruction would include adding a left turn lane to an existing two-lane road or constructing an existing roadway to all-season standard.


  • The existing, deteriorated layer of road surface (and, in some cases, sub-surface) is removed and a new surface is applied.


  • A treatment is applied to the existing road surface to extend its service life.
To learn more about KCRC’s past, current and future construction projects, please visit our Projects page.