What We Do

The Kent County Road Commission is dedicated to the effective investment of resources to preserve and improve the quality and safety of the county’s road and bridge network. Daily and ongoing efforts within the road right of way align with this commitment and are divided among four categories:

  • Routine Maintenance: includes ongoing work completed on the surfaces of roads and bridges and within rights of way to keep these assets in good repair and functioning properly. These efforts help to prolong the life of a road or bridge by preventing premature deterioration.
  • Winter Maintenance: continues routine maintenance efforts including pothole patching, tree trimming, guardrail repair, ditching and vegetation control along with storm response efforts to maintain safety and mobility.
  • Construction & Engineering: the Engineering Division is responsible for the planning, preliminary engineering (survey and design) and construction engineering (staking and inspection) and oversight of all road and bridge projects on the KCRC system
  • Traffic and Safety: KCRC’s Traffic and Safety Division proactively manages traffic operations throughout the network to minimize vehicle crashes and maximize mobility