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KCRC Releases Results of 2020 Public Input Survey

KCRC Releases Results of 2020 Public Input Survey


Grand Rapids, Mich. -- The Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) this week released the results of the public input survey completed in December 2020. Distributed in conjunction with the release of the draft Kent County Road Commission 2021 Strategic Plan, the survey provided an opportunity to solicit public input regarding KCRC and the county road network it maintains. Results indicated positive perception of KCRC and the roads and bridges under its jurisdiction, with 99 percent of respondents ranking the overall condition of the network as “good” or “fair.”

“The survey provided an opportunity to gather community feedback, and I was certainly pleased to review the responses regarding our work. The results helped to confirm that KCRC’s priorities and objectives align with what network users feel is important," said Steve Warren, KCRC’s managing director.

Asked to prioritize five objectives highlighted in KCRC’s strategic plan, a majority of respondents rated preserving existing roads and bridges, followed by reconstructing existing roads in poor condition, as “very important” to them. In terms of ongoing maintenance efforts, addressing road surface conditions received the most "very important" ratings, followed by road conditions during a winter storm event. Perception of current winter operations was favorable, with 100 percent of respondents rating KCRC’s response to winter storm events as “good” or “fair.”

Respondent comments ranged from general positive feedback to specific improvement requests. Warren said the compiled remarks have been shared with the appropriate divisions for review and, when applicable, improvement consideration.

“The number of comments we received complimenting the professionalism and work ethic of our staff really stood out to me. I have always said we have the best employees of any road commission in the state, and I think this survey supports that,” said Warren.

Conducted by the nonpartisan public research and consulting firm Public Sector Consultants, the survey was fielded between December 7 and 21, 2020. KCRC promoted the survey on the road commission’s website and social media platforms as well as through email outreach and community partner support. A full report of the survey's results is available on KCRC’s website,