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Weekend Weather Clean-Up

Weekend Weather Clean-Up

(Monday, January 20) On this Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, KCRC is open, serving the community with continuing storm clean-up efforts. Icy/slippery spots remain on the network and motorists should drive with caution this morning. With low temps, material can refreeze, causing icy patches. Crews will continue to scrape and treat roads, attending to those that did not receive service yesterday.

(Sunday, January 19)  Two to four inches of snow has fallen and is forecasted to continue until late afternoon/early evening, with the southern portion of the county currently receiving the heaviest snow via lake effect bands. A full crew is in today and will continue to scrape and apply sand/salt mix - as the snow continues to fall, crews will need to return to higher volume roads. This means that they will likely not enter neighborhood or gravel roads that received one pass yesterday. With temperatures hovering at 20 degrees, treated roads are refreezing, causing slippery/icy conditions throughout the network. This means motorists definitely need to take it slowly. When the snow stops, the evening crew will have the opportunity to make more stride with scraping and applying material.

(Saturday, January 18) Good morning to this winter wonderland! Approximately 4-6 inches of snow has fallen and has slowed down currently. Later today calls for mixed precipitation of rain and snow. Crews will be focusing on scraping as much snow as possible off the roads today, as temperatures are anticipated to drop this evening into tomorrow. Our goal is to provide one pass through through the entire network over the weekend. Please remember:

1. It’s a great day to play outside, but keep kids safely away from the road

2. Slow down to maintain control of your vehicle

3. Add extra time to stop when approaching intersections

4. Give our plows plenty of room - material and snow coming off the blade can affect vehicle traveling too close

5. Don’t pass plows on the right, we use wing plows that you may not see and snow coming off the blade could cause your vehicle to lose control

6. When you see green strobe lights - slow down and be alert. This means a plow or other road agency vehicle is working in the right of way

7. Plows do not intentionally make your shoveling efforts more difficult. KCRC drivers work as efficiently as possible to cover 100+ snowplow routes and treat and clear over 5,000 lane miles of roads. Lifting the plow’s blade at every driveway would increase the time it takes to move through the designated snow routes, here's a strategy that might help reduce the amount of snow that's deposited in your driveway.


(Friday, Janaury 17) Crews have already been scheduled for tonight and tomorrow (Friday night & Saturday) in preparation for the forecasted snow. If we do get the amount of snow predicted, please remember:

  • Slow Down! Reduce speed to maintain control.
  • Give Plow Trucks Lots of Room: Material being applied and snow coming off the blade can hit a vehicle or otherwise hinder a driver traveling too close.
  • Do NOT Pass a Plow Truck on the Right. Some plows are equipped with wing plows that are difficult to see. In addition, the amount of the snow coming off the plow truck's blade can cause a vehicle to lose control.
  • Green Strobe Means Go Slow! If you see a green flashing strobe-type light, it means you are approaching a road agency vehicle performing work on the road or within the right of way. Slow down and be alert - our plow trucks typically travel at 35 miles or less.
  • Be Safe Out There!

For answers to frequently asked winter maintenance questions, visit our FAQ page.

These roads remain temporarily closed due to flooding:

92nd St between Hanna Lake and Kalamazoo Ave

68th St between Wingeier and Pratt Lake Ave

Konkle off Jupiter

Riverpoint at Indian

Forest Ridge at Coit

Bailey Park at Purchase

Canright at Briggs

4 Mile Rd at Briggs

Shady Dr at Knapp

Karcher & West River Dr

St Lawrence & West River Dr

Riverbank off  Forest Ridge

Abrigador Trail at West River Dr

West River Center to Abrigador

Walnut Park at Northland

Indian at West River Dr