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Take Advantage of Fall; Shake Your Mailbox

Take Advantage of Fall; Shake Your Mailbox

KCRC is once again urging motorists to take advantage of the fall conditions and Shake Your Mailbox. Give the mailbox an aggressive shake; if the mailbox moves, it most likely needs maintenance to withstand the winter season and storm response efforts.

Over the years, a mailbox post can rot or become wobbly. By grabbing and shaking it, a resident can determine if it’s secure. “The average speed of a snow plow is only 25 to 30 miles per hour, but a large enough amount of snow pushed off the road can damage a mailbox that is not in optimal condition,” said KCRC’s Deputy Managing Director of Operations Jerry Byrne.


Addressing necessary repairs now will help residents avoid the potential hassle of delayed mail or the need to make alternate mail delivery arrangements that a damaged mailbox can cause. The colder is gets, the greater the chance of below freezing conditions, and this makes it more difficult to install or fix a mailbox.

  • Quick fixes like duct tape, bungee cords and string won’t last the season
  • Tighten screws and ensure that your mailbox post and receptacle are secure enough to endure large amounts of thrown snow
  • If the mailbox moves when shaken, the box may need to be repaired or replaced before winter

KCRC receives a number of calls from residents who believe road commission snow plows have hit their mailbox and caused damage. Byrne said that every complaint is investigated. “What we find, nine times out of ten, is that the snow coming off the truck’s blade, not the truck itself, made impact with the mailbox. We also find that, had the mailbox been in appropriate condition, it likely would have withstood the velocity at which the snow hit it.”

County road agencies are not liable for damage, typically incurred by snow coming off the blade of the snowplow, except in limited situations like a direct hit from the plow truck or wing, itself.