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Weather Event - Freezing Rain, High Winds, Sleet, Snow

Weather Event - Freezing Rain, High Winds, Sleet, Snow

Monday, January 13, 6:30 AM Morning commuters should anticipate scattered slippery spots throughout their AM commute. This morning, crews will continue to scrape and treat state roads and county primaries and locals - they will not be addressing neighborhoods. Temps are expected to rise to high 30s today, which will help cleanup efforts as morning progresses.


Sunday, January 12, 8 AM - One to two inches of snow fell throughout the network last night. Combined with yesterday's freezing rain and sleet, roads may have "hard pack" snow and ice on them. Crews are out this morning scraping and applying material to state roads and county primary roads. They will also address county locals but will not get into neighborhoods (which they treated yesterday). Roads will be slippery, particularly, the local roads. 

Motorists are asked to reduce speeds, leave additional stopping distance when approaching intersections and add space between vehicles.

Saturday, January 11, 5 PM: Evening Update
Tonight’s forecast calls for wintry mix of freezing raining and sleet leading to snow. Wind could potentially reach 34 MPH with a low temp just above 20 degrees. KCRC days crews remain until 6 PM with the evening crew then taking over. Crews will continue to scrape as needed and apply sand, salt mix. Conditions will be slippery, and likely worsen as evening progresses. Please take it slowly, leave additional stopping distance when nearing intersections and add space between vehicles. Sunday's response will be adjusted according to overnight activity.

Saturday, January 11, 10:30 AM - 

KCRC crews are throughout the network placing a sand salt mix as rain begins to turn to freezing rain. Currently, motorists may encounter ponding over roads and icy conditions. Temps hover at freezing as are anticipated to slowly drop as the day progresses. Winds are expected to increase to 35 MPH, and we are beginning to receive reports of downed trees blocking roadways. Important reminders:

*If you encounter an emergency situation including trees blocking the roadway - CALL 911 (KCRC responds as directed by dispatch/law enforcement)

*Do NOT post emergency information on social media - it may not be received or addressed in an expedited manner.

*Keep away from a downed power line; call 911 and Consumers Energy at 800-477-5050

Saturday, January 11 8:30 AM - The Kent County Road Commission crews are ready to respond to this weekend’s forecasted weather event. Currently, the forecast calls for changing conditions, including rain, high winds, snow, ice and sleet. Freezing rain is anticipated to begin Saturday morning around 9AM. Therefore, KCRC will adjust efforts as weather variables play out.

The Kent County Road Commission will remain in communication with US National Weather Service Grand Rapids Michigan and neighboring public works and road agencies to align efforts and provide the best response possible.