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What the New Road Funding Package Means to KCRC

What the New Road Funding Package Means to KCRC

The seven-bill package signed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on November 10, 2015, provides a long overdue increase to the state’s investment in transportation. Phased-in over a five-year period beginning in 2017, the package is projected to provide a statewide annual increase to transportation funding of approximately $1.2 billion when fully implemented in 2021. The annual increase will be distributed through the Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF), the largest revenue source for road agencies like KCRC.

“This sustained increase in investment will allow us to begin scheduling improvements to reverse the trend of deterioration throughout our network,” said Steve Warren, KCRC’s Managing Director. “We are not seeking to expand our network with these funds but rather restore and preserve the condition of our existing roads.”

KCRC will be increasing investment in both its primary and local road systems. KCRC’s primary roads are typically the longer distance, higher volume roadways of the county. Improvements to these roads are generally funded by KCRC through MTF revenues or federal grants.

Local roads are typically shorter distance two-lane collector roads and residential streets within townships. Improvements to local roads are funded through MTF revenues and contributions from Kent County townships.

KCRC is currently updating its Long Range Plan for Primary Roads to include additional projects made possible by the newly signed package. Working with its township officials, KCRC is also identifying needed improvements to many local roads.

For both primary and local roads, KCRC will be implementing an improvement strategy that incorporates a “mix of fixes” approach. This will combine reconstruction and resurfacing work to restore roads in poor condition with pavement preservation treatments to maintain roads in good condition. Essential maintenance efforts will also be included to extend the road’s service life.