Project Details

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Road: Byron Township

Limits: Neighborhood Streets

Work: Resurfacing

Start: 07/01/22

Completion: 08/26/22

Traffic: Expect Delays

Authority: KCRC

Contractor: Black Gold

Funding: 50% KCRC/50% Byron Township

KCRC in collaboration with Byron Township is contracting with Black Gold to complete a full-width repaving of select local streets (estimated to begin late June/early July):

Project start date TBD:

  • 84th Street: Byron Center Intersection

Projects starting in late June/Early July:

  • 74th Street: Ardith Court to Clyde Park Avenue
  • Ardith Court: 73rd Street to End
  • Sierrafield Drive: 76th Street to 73rd Street
  • Athearn Drive: Westminister Drive to End
  • Chelmsford Drive: Althearn Drive to End
  • Westminister Court: West Minister Drive to End
  • Westminister Drive: Burlingame Avenue to Althearn Drive
  • Worthington Court: Worthington Street to End
  • Worthington Street: Burlingame Avenue to End
  • Glen Pond Drive: 68th Street to Pleasant Pond drive
  • Pleasant Glen Dr: Pleasant Valley Dr. to VanSingel Lake Dr.
  • Pleasant Hill Drive: Pleasant Pond Drive to Stub End
  • Pleasant Pond Drive: Pleasant Hill Drive to End
  • Pleasant Valley Drive: 64th Street to Pleasant Pond Drive
  • Ranchland Dr. (East): Byron Center Ave. to Pleasant Hill Dr.
  • Ranchland Drive (West): Byron Center Avenue to End
  • Sunflower Drive: 64th Street Southerly to End
  • VanSingel Drive: Pleasant Hill Drive to Pleasant Pond Drive

    Letter to Residents

    How to prepare for Neighborhood Repaving Project