Project Details

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Road: Gaines Township

Limits: Neighborhood Streets

Work: Resurfacing

Start: 04/28/23

Completion: 09/01/23

Traffic: Expect Delays

Authority: KCRC

Contractor: Black Gold

Funding: 50% KCRC/50% Gaines Township

The Kent County Road Commission (KCRC) in collaboration with Gaines Township is contracting with Black Gold to complete a full-width repaving of select local streets. The project is to be completed within contract limits, May 1 and September 1, 2023, weather permitting.

  • 72nd St: Zinnea Ave to Eastern Ave
  • Aleda Avenue: 68th St. to Brownell St.
  • Aleda Court: Aleda Avenue to End
  • Belfast Avenue: Brownell St. to End
  • Brownell Court: Brownell St. to End
  • Brownell St: Aleda Ave to Old Lantern
  • Harvester Drive: Brooklyn Ave. to End
  • Marshall Avenue: Aleda Ave. to End
  • Mildred Ave: 68th St. to Brownell St.
  • Periwinkle Ave: south of 72nd to End
  • Swather Court: Swather Drive to End
  • Swather Dr: East & West of Brooklyn Ave
  • Windrow Street: Swather Drive to End
  • Windsong Ct: Brooklyn Ave. to End
  • Zinnia Ave: North & South of 72nd St
  • Alzalea Drive: 72nd Street to End
  • 73rd St: Alzalea Dr. to Forsythia Ave.
  • Forsythia Ave: 72nd St. to New Pavt'
  • Emerald Woods Drive: 76th Street to End 
  • Jaime Lane: 76th Street to End
  • Melinda Court: 76th Street to End

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