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The Kent County Road Commission is concerned about the environment and desires to maintain the natural beauty of its roadways. With help from members of our community, the roadways of Kent County can be kept free of litter and debris. The Road Commission has implemented an Adopt-A-Road Program; any group with seven or more persons can participate. Group participants must have a minimum of one adult for every three persons under the age of 16.

2022 Pick-Up Dates for Adopt-A-Road

  • April 16th -April 24th
  • July 23rd - July 31st
  • October 1st - October 9th

The bags and vests can be obtained at these locations:

North Complex

11777 White Creek Ave (Just north of M-57) (616) 696-3160

South Complex

4949 Tim Dougherty Drive

(East off Patterson, north of 44th) (616) 336-2987

Central Complex 

1500 Scribner Ave NW (616) 242-6920

  • Note: Don't forget to fill out the Adopt-A-Road Litter Pick-Up Report at the end of the season. Thank you!
  • If you have any questions, please email Sharon Schmuker, or call (616) 242-6920.

Adopt-A-Road Policy

View KCRC’s Adopt-A-Road Policy.

Adopt-A-Road Permit

​Complete the necessary Adopt-A-Road Permit.

Adopt-A-Road Pick-Up Report

Submit to KCRC at the end of the pick-up season.

Download Adopt-A-Road Pick-Up Report