A Micro-Surface is a preventative maintenance treatment that provides a durable, polymer-modified asphalt emulsion to roads that are just beginning to show signs of aging and minor distress. The existing pavement is covered with a thin application that restores a uniform black color, provides a new surface and extends the surface’s service life. Micro-Surface can be used as a stand-alone process or combined with other preventive maintenance methods. For instance, a cape seal is a treatment that combines a chip seal with a Micro-Surface.

Benefits: Micro-Surfacing preserves pavement by protecting the surface from the effects of natural aging and the environment. It can extend the life of pavement by as much as 7-10 years by restoring the wearing surface of a roadway and sealing out moisture. Micro-Surface prevents oxidation that can cause deterioration and more costly repairs down the road. The pavement’s darker color also increases the road’s temperature which benefits winter maintenance.

Challenges: The application of a micro-surface is weather-dependent, requiring dry, moderate-to-warm weather conditions.

What to Expect: The application generally takes one day and road closures will be enacted. A treated surface can be driven on within a few hours of the application.