Ultra Thin Overlay

An Ultra Thin Overlay is a preventative surface treatment used on roads in good and fair condition to extend pavement life. The process places approximately ¾” of hot asphalt over the existing surface.

Benefits: Ultra Thin Overlay helps to extend pavement life by providing a top “seal” that reduces water infiltration and oxidation. It improves the ride quality of the road and provides a smoother, uniform black appearance to the surface that improves aesthetics and visibility of pavement markings.

Challenges: To be effective, warm conditions (60 or higher) with little to no chance of rain are necessary for application.

What to Expect: The curing time for ultra thin overlay material varies on the pavement surface conditions and the weather at the time of application. Under ideal conditions, it is suggested that traffic be kept off the treated surface for at least two hours. Road closures or lane closures are used depending on traffic volumes and work zone safety considerations. Typically, while one lane is being treated, local traffic will be allowed on the opposite lane.